Top London Restaurant List (I’m hoping that’s a really google-able title)

So roughly twice a week I get a request for restaurant suggestions and being the busy and slightly impatient man that I am, I send them a list (which was far too long and largely impenetrable). This is the new and improved list and I’m hopeful that it’ll be the first spreadsheet to go viral ever.

It should be noted that 2 is still a good restaurant it’s just that a list which has the very best restaurants in London needs a decent level of scale. Nothing on here isn’t tasty it’s just that some are better than others.

What I have here is an effort to catalogue the restaurants in London that you ought to be going to i.e. not Bimimbap. If anything didn’t make the list then it’s one of:

  • Crap
  • Not notable
  • Unknown to me
  • Overrated
  • Less good than an equivalent on the list
  • Or just plain forgotten
    For that reason please do get in touch if you feel I’m missing anything but be aware that I will judge you based on any and all suggestions.

The other thing to note is that I’ve not been to all of the restaurants that I believe to be worth trying so if you think you can accurately appraise a restaurant on this list then do let me know (or let me know if I’ve messed up on a rating). I’ve also included location, cuisine, specialities and general comment to help guide your gastronomic journey.

Rough prices are as follows (for one person as I’m a lonely fool):
£ – Cheap, under £15
££ – Moderate, £15 – £30
£££ – Getting pricier – £30-£45
££££ – Pretty damn expensive – £45-£70
£££££ – Crazy money but so worth it – £70+

I’ll do my best to keep this updated as I try and hear of new places so you know where to go for the latest in restaurant news.

Peace Out,


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