Crème de la Kremlin


putin 1

Injured more than 1000 people but hey!

Ed: I wonder if there are any photo shopped images of the meteor?

Will: Yippee Kay Yay Mother Russia?

  Is this the final scene of Dr Strangelove?

putin 2

Ed:putin 3

Will: Don’t just go Putin Greg’s face on! 😀

Ed: I hope I don’t lose Marx for that.

Will: Marx was German…

 Feels like you’re Stalin for time

Ed: I admit, I’m pushkin my luck.

Will: I think it’s your lack of di-meat-ry Medvedev.

Ed: I need to keep closer Chekov my diet.

Will: I’m Lenin towards hamburgers for dinner, how do you think they escaped, trot, ski or run?

Ed: This is Tsartling, anyway it’s half five, I Moscow.


Sign Language

DCM came into work today and showed us a few things, this was by far the best:

Internetty Clusters III

Thought I’d do a social media edition this week. Let’s see what cool stuff is being done with your facebook page.

Swiss Cottages Ad

This will blow your mind. Just click allow when it asks for permission to access your facebook profile. Trust me it’s worth it.


Intel Museum of Me

Similar technology but still pretty damn cool.



All the trial spots are taken right now but you can find out what you’re missing out on. It’s more of a heads up for what’s to come. The only really interesting thing about it so far is that the competition is forcing facebook to roll out skype chat which will allow multiple people to video conference at once.


Augmented Reality Cinema

Ok so this is technically geo tagging not social media but it’s still pretty cool. Depending on your exact location the app will play excerpts from films. Still in development but it might be a nice way to rediscover parts of London that you had written off. It’s difficult to tell but it should allow you to feature in these scenes but we’ll have to see how it all pans out.

If you’re really keen to see similar stuff that’s available now then check out Hackney Hear which plays recordings of the history of Hackney as you walk through the borough.

Internetty Clusters II

It’s like the oysters of a chicken but electronic!

Clockbusters – It’s fun at first and then incredibly frustrating. You have three images representing key features of a film and you simply have to guess which film it is. They’re relatively easy but getting all 50 is more agrivating than watching a Quentin Tarantino film.

Artags – any app that uses geo-tagging creatively will necessarily become popular. I’m hoping to see Quadafi and Sheik Zayed and Stelios peering  looking out of the LSE library windows. Get on this potato while it’s still hot.

La Maison en Petits Cubes

It’s not funny, it’s beautiful. Won the 2008 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. If the number of capital letters in that last sentence doesn’t persuade you then I can safely say that it is one of the finest films of recent years and it only takes 10 minutes of your time.

Hackertyper – it transforms the strokes of your keys into what appears to be matrix style hacking code. It’s fairly dull on its own but when you take into account the number of people that look at your computer in the library purely out of boredom or while searching for one of their own you can have a lot more fun.
P.S. try tapping “alt” three times.

Internetty Clusters!

All the choice cuts from the web in one place.

During the course of my regular web browsing I come across some pretty awesome bits and bobs. I’m going to make an effort to share these with you on a semi-regular basis. The frequency with which I post is mostly dependent on the supply of internetty awesomeness. Many of you will have seen this stuff before (possibly due to me) but hopefully there are a few gems that you haven’t discovered yet.

World Order
This has to be my favourite video on YouTube at the moment. It’s utterly watchable, almost addictively so.

Racist Politician in New Zealand
Watch for the first 3:20, skip the middle and there’s a golden moment right around 7:40.

Missing Cat!
An email dialogue between a secretary and a designer. Well worth reading.

Simplistically Addictive Game
You have to click the six colours on the right hand side and attempt to fill the entire board with one colour within 30 moves.

This hypnotic video shows all that’s possible with Lego

Coca Cola Happiness Machine: