Crème de la Kremlin


putin 1

Injured more than 1000 people but hey!

Ed: I wonder if there are any photo shopped images of the meteor?

Will: Yippee Kay Yay Mother Russia?

  Is this the final scene of Dr Strangelove?

putin 2

Ed:putin 3

Will: Don’t just go Putin Greg’s face on! 😀

Ed: I hope I don’t lose Marx for that.

Will: Marx was German…

 Feels like you’re Stalin for time

Ed: I admit, I’m pushkin my luck.

Will: I think it’s your lack of di-meat-ry Medvedev.

Ed: I need to keep closer Chekov my diet.

Will: I’m Lenin towards hamburgers for dinner, how do you think they escaped, trot, ski or run?

Ed: This is Tsartling, anyway it’s half five, I Moscow.


Redundant Introduction

I don’t need to tell you how to read blogs but I’ll do it anyway to sate my control freak tendencies. I’m going to post a string of ridiculously useless, generally non-sequitur articles most of which will be about food, film, philosophy (and by this I hope to answer questions such as “what is mashed potato?” or “Socks?”), fashion or a combination of the above. Skim then read if something catches your eye.